Tuesday, April 10, 2012


40 days. It's been 40 days without you. In significance of that, my family is hosting a prayer to say our final goodbye. Religiously, my family believes that today is the day we set him "free". I, personally, am totes not into this whole religion thing. A lot of us younger folk aren't. I stopped going to church with my mom when I was like.. 10. I think I've only been four times since that, and two were for weddings. Or some shit like that.
Regardless of my questions and beliefs (let's never talk about religion, why do we do it?!), I know today is going to be super really crazy hard. I've been trying to avoid the thought of it all day. A coffee break earlier almost had me break down in tears, but I was with company so I held it in. You gotta be strong to keep the people around you strong. I believe in that. There's also another side of me that says I don't gotta be shit though. Like, I can be weak if I want to. Right?! Whatever. Today I agree with that half. So, at this prayer/final goodbye/Kuya's 40 days I'm not going to try to be anything. I'm going to let it all out if it comes out.

Grab your tissues guys, tonight's gonna be a doozy.