Friday, October 19, 2012


Having the most terrible day ever, might I quickly add before I head out the door. I have to get this quick rant in so I can actually breathe tonight. Didn't get the placement I wanted, got told I was trying to make myself something I'm not, CRANKY as fuckskies, my phone battery broke, told I was dressed inappropriately, a 92% final grade in a class is no good to my Asian mother (I don't even study mom, cut me a break!), criticized for being a vegetarian today, dunno why my blog html is getting all fucky, out of smokes, lost $40.00, missing a lot of my friends. LOVELY LONER BOTCHEEZY WHO CAN'T FUCKING HANDLE WHAT'S ON HER PLATE RIGHT NOW. HAND ME A PILLOW TO SCREAM IN, PLEASE.

Hi. Heading to rum paradise now. Oh, alcohol. You silly, silly, terrible, lovely, so yum yum, vice.

Have a good weekend, as I attempt to let my week go, I wish you adieu.

Wrote this in five. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

What are you studying I always envy the ppl who never study an get tremendous grades .. Lol I have to work hard for everything gets tiresome.. One person said try not think of your day as horrible ( it could be though) but just think of the little victories maybe your mark and eating well.. Yes I know that feeling too i have the same mom but hey !! Think positive and have a safe weekend:)

syntifik said...

Little victories are so hard to see, but I'm trying! I'm taking Communications and Health Sciences, a real good time haha.
Aiming for a good week, thank you for the positivity. All of it I have left I send to you, Anon!

Anonymous said...

Yeah that what I was that too. But when someone told me he was a elderly person .. It was yeah It clicked now every time I think I have bad I see the good side even though most it was terrible lol but there always the weeknd.. Classes so smart I for one is a bad writer and communicator haha.. And thank for the kudos I did have a good week I went to five guys burgers :P

syntifik said...

Old people always have either the best advice or the meanest.. And sometimes the two collab.

Don't worry about not always getting your writing out the way you want it to! Everyone has the things they're better at.
I dunno what five guys burgers is.. but I'm sure it was delish! haha