Sunday, March 7, 2010


i'm your pusha..

you have officially become my favorite dj.


nuff pics of pusha t cuz he stayed on my side the most lol

some girl kept grabbin' malice's chain, and at first he was like ok cool, but after he totally was so irritated lol

LOOK LOOK. an eye contact moment

hey! jason au! hey!

so they came on hella early.. at like.. 12:30 or some shit. energy was off, but it didn't really seem like they were gettin any from the crowd. it seemed like they were just doing their biz. they had crazy energy from beginning to end, and they used the entire stage which was dope. crowd interaction was non-existent. they threw the mic to the crowd a few times, but it didn't seem like they cared.
they performed REALLY well, but the sound was a little bit off. mic levels were off and it irritated them a little bit.. i've been to so many shoes at this venue, and i'd say about 75% of the time, the artist gives the sound guy some heat.. and it's always the same "turn my mic levels up".. poor poor sound man.
i was really sick and nauseous so for a good 1/5 of the show i felt like passing out lol.. there was one point where i'm like i can't take this anymore i gotta fucking puke!! &then i just couldn't.. i couldn't peel away. they were too ill of performers. so i trooped it and stood there hangin on because they really are good performers. their words were so fucking crisp and hard hitting, and their hype man wasn't singing their entire song with them.. just the END of the hard hitting bars which was something that i appreciated as a hip hop junkie. i cannnnnooootttt stand when hypemen are screaming every single word over the artist i came to see.. all distorted and loud ew.
i don't think there's many hip hop shows in this city that i HAVENT been to.. and with that said.. going to these shows, it's usually the same people. HOLY WOW. was this crowd ever weird. i saw enough people who have never been to the pyramid before, and that was pretty un-real for me. the thing i love most about hip hop shows, is how diverse that shit is, and how you can be anybody, as long as you love that shit.. real heads bump into a person, and they say "yo sorry" and it's respected. it hurt to see prissy girls bumping into people calling them assholes and then asking if john smith was clipse. the clipse is made up of two people, and they're black! i don't mean to sound rude with every concert i go to, but these people are taking away from people who would actually appreciate being there.
ANYWAY.. with that out of the way.. it was a great show, but it was short. it lasted about 45 minutes, they were off the stage before 1:30.. and what's even more wack!? they just dropped their mics and bounced. no thank you. just all of a sudden.. gone. we were kind of left standing there thinking.. are they coming back?! is that it?! is this intermission?! they didn't do an encore either, which was surprising.. especially with a sold out crowd asking for more.. AND my boyfriend pointed out they didn't perform "when the last time".. YO! that would've been PERFECT for an encore.. TOP DOWN.. chrome spinnin.
i'm glad i went, but we deserved a little bit more clipse. what's the rush!? my connections at the airport said your flight didn't even leave that night!! it left the next day!! i'm hoping for more of an appreciation next time.. so for this i decided to break it down into two categories.. for fan appreciation, i'm giving clipse a 2/5, but for performance, they get a 4.5/5.. making for a 6.5/10.. which is hard to say cuz it was a kick ass show. capture me next time clipse, capture me next time.


Tyrone The Terrible said...

I was there too, definitely way too short of a show, but for the time that they were there....Cot damn, one of the best hip hop performances I've ever seen...

I agree, I was waiting for them to perform When The Last Time, or even Wamp Wamp, Trill, Ain't Cha, or Chinese New Year...only in a perfect world I

kanJay Chedda said...

the show was definitely short but sweet.

but what the fuck?! is that a fucken vain poppin outta my neck? haha

syntifik said...

tyrone the terrible: oh for sure, definitely a good performance. a perfect world should be demanded.. i can't believe they didn't encore!

au: i don't see what you're talking about.. jason you crazy.