Wednesday, May 19, 2010


i'm stressed out, and tired, and angry. so today's is a good day.


i hate when i go out, and i don't drink alcohol, and people say things like "why aren't you drinking?!", "are you bored?", "why aren't you having fun?" etc. it's a lame.. just because i'm not drinking alcohol DOES NOT mean i'm bored out of my mind.

i hate when guys strike an innocent conversation and your buddy comes up to you and is like "ew why you talking to him?".. i'm not trying to fuck him. it's a fucking conversation. or if a guy comes up, strikes a conversation with you.. you both have a pretty good conversation, and then you realize he just wants to fuck you. dammit.. or i thought we were connecting bro, on an innocent friend/nice stranger basis. can't anybody say hi anymore without everyone waving their fingers in your face?!

i'm really outspoken, and i always have something to say.. BUT, there are times when i pipe down. & i dislike when i'm quiet and people ask if something's wrong. NO.. nothing's wrong.. but now there is because i feel like i look sad, when i was actually in a really good mood. it's even worse when people say, "you should smile~!!" or "how come you never smile"!? UHM. what! shut the fuck up. don't tell me to smile, that just makes us people more mad at you for being so faggidy bumba clot poop face.

.. not having the pack because you forgot it in the car/at work/at schoool/at someone's house.. currently my cigarettes are with bianca.. DAMMIT.

this one, is for when you like something.. like for instance parrots. i don't really like parrots, i'm just using them as an example.. well they're okay.. ahahah. anyway, PARROTS. say you were like really into parrots, but you never really talk about them.. and then someone's like "oh yeah there's this parrot exhibit at the zoo i'm going to.." and you're like "cool, can i come?" and they're like "what?! you don't even like parrots!!" LIKE WHAT?! seriously.. how do you know what i do and don't like fucker!! just because you think you know SO much about it doesn't mean that you are more awesome than i!! except, replace parrots with like football, ufc, tanning or some shit like that.. i just couldn't use these examples cuz i like all three lol

kind of shit is that lol.. ew.

i still don't like her.. but her new video is cool :(

i never do anything for me anymore. i base all my decisions on what i feel would make everybody happy. i give everyone a piece of the pie, only to realize that there's not enough for me.

today was a horrible no good very bad day.

today was wack.


Anonymous said...

I fucking love your blog!

syntifik said...

thank you:)

Anonymous said...

why are you so quiet today? are you mad???!?! you never smile! you should smile more often!!!!!!!......
hmmm. how about you shut the fuck up, and shove it up your ass! that'll make me smile.
people these days.

today was so wack. weekend, where the fuck are you!?!?

Anonymous said...

hehe u cant blame people if they think u look bored.
always keep spare cigs.
yea like how everyone is a Lakers fan all a sudden. "No you are NOT!"
always save the last piece of pie for urself

do this if u have time.

dont know what ur take on personality tests are but I think most of us readers would be interested in ur results. i was pretty mind boggled with my own results...

syntifik said...

#1: that "shut the fuck up and shove it up your ass comment" made me lol.
WORD LIFE ON THE WEEKEND!! i live for weekends, and i want it already:(

#2: I CAN TOO BLAME PEOPLE! keeping spare cigs is dually noted, but i prolly will just be too lazy to buy some and end up smoking the spares:(
lol lakers fans acting like they've liked the lakers since time.. they need to slow their rolls.

thanks for the personality test, i'll do it later tonight for ya.. SHOW ME YOUR RESULTS!

beeePod said...

I don't know why I haven't commented. I'm so bored at work; there's no work to do right now.

OMG I hate the "You should smile" .. what is there to smile about? Am I really gonna walk around with a smirk on my face like a crazy person? YEAH, no.

Everytime I hear Nicki Minaj, I always change the song or turn it off. GAHHD.

I wish I could come up with something more clever, but wow, I am tired as fuck!!

jHefffff said...

Waaacck is how long will this Wednesday tradition last? surely there aren't that many wack things to keep this far so good though...

- Yea when I'm drinking with my uncles and cousins I "zone out" sometimes but I'm really just trying to absorb/analyze their drunken stories lol. They think I'm juiced already.=\

- I talk to my buddies all the time...I hope they don't think I'm trying to get in their pants too.

- I'm gonna start smoking...see what all the fuss is about.

- I agree with Anonymous^. Everyone on the Lakers bandwagon?! And what about the Canadiens? It's too much sometimes..

- I'm just like you dude. People come first to me for some reason. Why me, God?!

syntifik said...

bonibelle: that comment works for me!! i hate smilers.. they is lame-skies. curse nicki minaj! curse her i say!!

jheff: i feel like i will always have something to complain about.. it's sad. lol. i thinkk being the person people come to first is very hard at times.. and for that, i commend you!! yoou have earned my respect jheffy.