Monday, May 17, 2010


being that this is my blog, i feel i should pour as much of me as possible into it.. so i'd like to try and start off with a new series, where i let you get to know me. this is the first edition, so let's see how things follow through lol.. (you know me.)

complaining never fixed anything, financial or not, so i try to do as little of it as possible.. but when i do, fuck, i do it big.. which is one of the reasons i started blogging. i don't like weighing myself on everybody else.. that was just never me. so i write it. that way, it's out.. and if it bothers people, shit, hey.. they can act like they've never read it.
i fucking hate vampire shows. i think they're absolutely fucking ridiculous.. yet i watch the hills and gossip girl, and if that isn't contradicting on the "lame show talk" scale, then i just don't know what is.
i am satisfied with doing absolutely fucking nothing. i think that sitting down with someone, sometimes, even in complete silence; is blissful. what's wrong with doing shit all?! i think people think too hard some times about what they should do, or say.. fuck it, say nothing. some times company is okay being just that, company.
i am a big believer in a pen and paper. hand written notes are something i hope never fade away.. it has died down a little, but every time i get one, my heart jumps.
i always write "it's" for "it has" and scratch it out. for instance, "it's been three years". it's something i wish i didn't do.
i have naturally curly hair. i straighten it.
i can not leave my house without make up on, AND I HATE IT. it's so vein and repulsive. every week i tell myself to wear a little less make up so i can try and cut down.. but fuck, it never happens! DAMN YOU MAKE UP.
when i go out to eat, i almost ALWAYS get an iced tea as my beverage.
i think all men should treat all moms like they gave birth to them.
when a boy opens a door for me, he automatically earns ten cool points, I ALWAYS WATCH FOR IT. i think it should be mandatory.
i try to give people second chances, but i hold grudges, so it rarely happens. sorry bitches, suck cock.
i tend to always feel like people think i'm using them, when i'm really not. i make a conscious effort to always prove to people that i'm not.. like "i hope they don't think that i brought them coffee just because i want them to come to dinner tomorrow".. shit like that runs through my head too frequently.

i have an obsession with sharpies.. and zombies.. and things i haven't tried before.. and red bull.. and music.. and sleep.. and stickers.. and cd collecting.. and sneakers.. and clothes.. and food.. and desserts.. and make up.. and being happy.. and oh yeah, bloggin'.

vocabulary spills, she's ill.


Anonymous said...

I recognize that shit! BAY STREET! I am going mission from Hamilton to Toronto tomorrow, just so I can sit there, and take the same picture...Er, maybe not. But it's the closest I'll get to a 5YN-tifik sighting, lol.

syntifik said...

LOL.. bay street all day.

and thank you!?.. i think?!

Anonymous said...

i agree with the doing shit all thing. i love the company of someone without ever having to say something or worrying about what i should say next. can we just chill?! and you know that you are comfortable with someone when you can sit with them in complete silence.

i like the new series! it shows that you're real, and not just another blogger.

syntifik said...

haha sweet! it's nice to know someone feels the same way! complete silence is totally mandatory sometimes. thoughts can speak too!

& thank you so much.. flattering shit!!! :)

jayheffrey said...

Zombies? Gossip Girl?? Iced Tea!?! goddamn you're weird...
what goes on in that little head of yours?
and "It's" can mean both "it is" and "it has"...right?
And Vampires have been played since Buffy, and I hated that show too.

silence is always good. telekinesis FTW.

syntifik said...

jheff: i know. i also dip my hamburgers in honey. it's crazy shit i tell ya. you don't know what goes on in my head, the world might explode if i said everything in there.
i thought buffy was cool cuz she could kick ass, and angel was hot.. but seeing the re-runs now, i'm like goodness.. this show is horrible.