Saturday, May 1, 2010


my apologies for the previous bummer of a post. i get sort of in a slump when it's that time of the year. apologies to the missed phone calls.. and to the calls i did take, my bad for being such a fucking bitch. i'm an asshole when i'm moody. hardest day out of the year for me, and my immune system wasn't helping.. so for an update on that, my eye can open now.. i'm still itchy but maintaining. no real progress aside from that, but i'll let you guys know more as time goes.

two skipped sneaker saturdays in a row, dang botch. get on.

in other news.. come celebrate the mayweather win tonight at my house ;)
and don't make fun of my allergy face:( lol.. pounds and pounds of make up, you are my only friend.