Sunday, May 9, 2010



hey guys..!! i got some real good questions this week, so thanks for asking me!! i'm thinking i might start doing syntifik sundays a little differently with a video or something but i'm not sure.. i was going to try and start it today but i just don't have the time.. so don't hold me to that, but we'll see.. i hope everyone's weekend went well! & here's what i've been asked this week..

before you changed the song on your blog to "daddy's home" what was the previous song called? (i know it was by kid cudi but i forget the title of the track)
it's called "know why" :)

how long have you and your boyfriend been dating?
since february 2009

Top 3 favorite shoe brands?
3. vans
2. converse
1. nike

What do you always order at McDonalds?
bacon cheeseburger meal with fruitopia.. and i've recently grown to love the mcmini, PESTO, GRILLED. nomnom mother fucker, nomnom.

what type of dog do you like best?
i love huskies:) & my german Shepard cuz he's the bestest.

Favorite Disney movie? And favorite Disney character?
the little mermaid.. i like ursula when she's that black haired girl in it.. broad is hot shit. i also like belle cause she had a fucking library! i envied that shit.

What super powers would you want the most?
invisibility.. by far invisibility

Favorite Villain and why?
heath ledger as joker.. hello, he was pretty fucking pimp.. jack nicholson in the shining.. gave me shivers.. AND AS JOKER TOO! freddie krueger.. hannibal.. mark whalberg in "fear".. FUCK.. he's so hot and scary lol.. i know that's more than one, but i love the bad guys ;)

Favorite Super hero and why?
superman because hello.. superman is the shit.. he can FLY!! and catch bullets?! like what! plus he looks like my dad, so that's even cooler... AND BATMAN.. just because batman is an ordinary dude who made himself a super hero.. a single bullet could kill him, but he don't give a fuck! so if he can be a superhero, i could too.. one day.

thanks again for the questions this week, so what's up!? wanna know something?! ask me anything!!