Thursday, May 6, 2010


tj texted me last night. it read "I'm listening to the way u are and it's bringing back memories". literally every time i hear that song, i think of my boys. times were all about blazing, going to the beach, drinking beer, video games, and making fun of each other. & we did all five extremely well. it was all about my boys.. don't get that wrong, it still is.. but when you're living with four boys, literally all sleeping in the same room, never sleeping, you're sure to have a few adventures.. so for today's throwback thursday, i decided to share some pics from 2007.. aka the year "the way you are" became our fucking anthem.. i love you pricks.



on the way to the beach..!

EWWW!! hahahaha. look at all of that blonde gross hair i had, along with a mouth of metal:).. but even more, wowzers, look at tjs hair.. mohawk!


we love canada:)

we were so fucking broke, we put all of our change together to get $2.40 worth of gas.. getting there was the scary part.. marti: "shiiiit it's a red light guys, i'll just not press the gas and roll to it" lol

REMEMBER PLAYIN HACK?! lol.. they literally played every time there was a moment to stand.. i think i tried to join in once and it literally went like five meters.. and then.. i didn't play no mores.

we went to tj's house cuz i wanted to eat the apples i had, but didn't have a knife (can't bite into an apple w/braces).. and his house was the closest.. AND THERE'S MY 4x4 jimmy in the background!! how i miss you:( you piece of shit lol.

we were so bored, and it was like a tuesday night or some shit.. so there was literally nothing to do.. so bianca and i had a fake birthday. we got a cake, a shit load of alcohol, party hats, went back to tj's and had one of the best birthdays i've ever had..!!

the best desktop he ever had!! bonibelle, me and bianca! hahaha.

there was always enough time to hang out.

right james?!


marti hates when i put my legs on him when i sit/lay down.. and i still do it to this day lol.

i love this picture forever and always, because it's a genuine capture of a good hip hop conversation.

what !! hahaha look at those bangs.. seriously.. and the swagger scarf.. ugh we were so cool.

long hours at the shop.. doing absolutely nothing!


sleepy jake!

richard wake up! i'm bored:(

morning sunshines after a rough night.

"dude.. those are not socks".

man teej, you were so cool when you used to smoke ;)

ping pong losing

fishing and fires were a good time too..!

what's going on here!

i love you guys.. forever and ever!! xoxo.


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna look at these when I get home.
on my phone. But my phone's deadskiez. I should charge it. I should work too ahahaha


I just almost misspelled my own name.

syntifik said...

work is for pansies!!

i have this pencil crayon box from when i was like 5.. and on the bottom of it, it says that they're my pencil crayons.. and alex pointed out that i scratched out a few letters cuz i misspelled my name the first time by accident. like fuck you alex, i was fucking five.

Anonymous said...

I love your blogs!! Get off facebook !! It's distracting !!

I just mispelled my name the other day to " bainca" I was like WTF ?!!! I'm an ediot .

Love ya guys !

syntifik said...

hahaha you get off facebook fucker..!!