Sunday, May 9, 2010


so i got the above painting in the mail from an artist from new york?! i have never met him before.. i have no idea how he got my address.. but this painting is titled to me, it has a letter to me.. AND I HAVE NO IDEA, how this shit got to me..
not to say i don't love it! the colors are a lot more vibrant than my blackberry picture makes it look.. it's alice in wonderland! my second favorite disney movie in the world.. so what?! how the heck did this get to me?! and how does this person even know me!? and why are they writing me letters?! perhaps it's from my brother.. and it really belongs to him but whatever.
i plan to frame it and hang it in my room.. i'm trying to think of a witty caption for it, but i don't have one yet.. i'm also going to mail her/him a letter.. i think it will contain something along the lines of "uhm.. WHAT?!"

this weekend was a blast. so much drama it was retarded.. i'm a pretty mouthy person, and i get even mouthier when i'm drunk.. one day i'm gonna get knocked out, but that day wasn't this weekend so eh!

friday.. got pretty fucking drunk. ate some mcdonald's. yelled out some hip hop lines.. didn't puke.. it was good.

saturday.. was my mother's day cuz my mom works today. we went out for lunch.. then hung out. she's the illest mom on the block, and i really missed her.. not seeing your mom for three weeks was such ew!! hi mom:) i missed you.

now it's sunday, and i wanna party.. call me?


Maribeth said...

maybe you brother is fuckin with you. if it is someone you don't really know that person is defintely creeping your life on the boardwalk. anyways, wish you and boner came out on sat. i was so boooooored and drinks were only 2.50 =(

syntifik said...

it really is from someone i don't know.. it isn't my brother's work, and it came with a postcard that had all the artist's info on it (where he wrote the letter).. plus it's stamped, not from cali..
that sucks that i missed it.. im so itchy:(