Sunday, May 2, 2010



hey guys.. thanks for the questions this week.. here's what i was asked..

do you read self help books?
what made you ask me this!? lol

Least favorite genre of music?
country. lol isn't that everybody's?!

Favorite Non hiphop group?
toss up between TOKYO POLICE CLUB & the FRATELLIS!!!! <3

Favorite non hiphop artist?
dooooozzzyy! santigold, m.i.a. (but i guess they KIND OF fit into hip hop).. jack johnson, james morrison.

After hip hop, what's your favorite genre of music?
indie! fersure, indie.

would you ever live in toronto
you already know the answer to this.

what is 'try anything once except for fucking up the butt' from?
asher roth ! he said it on the mixtape on the song, muddy swim trunks, alex.

any guilty pleasures?
i've been asked this already:(
but yeah totally. britney spears man! i love her!

what are you waiting for!? ASK ME ANYTHING.