Friday, May 28, 2010


so you know my last entry about that list of things that i wanted to complete?! well i just found the videos for some of the things i did!! i totally forgot about them.. BE AWARE.. i'm completely wasted in almost all of them.. i don't do drugs i swear!! lol..
i'm also going to throw in some extra videos i found, just because!!

this video was taken after a visit to revival in toronto.. where i coincidentally met some girls from winnipeg (my hometown), WHO WERE FROM MY HOOD. like literally lived two blocks away from where i lived. (INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO A STRANGER/TRAVEL TO A DIFFERENT CITY)

i drink beer, faster than my boyfriend. AND I KNOW, we're super far.. but we got closer.. (ATTEND A BASEBALL GAME)

yeah we got closer!! i had to stop video taping after this one cause i was missing all the goodness lol (ATTEND A BASEBALL GAME)


i just like this video because it embarrasses lex and is a good memory. make my eggs bitch!

gettin paid to tell stories. i love you ben:)

just because this is one of my favorite videos.. ever.

A DAY IN THE LIFE. oh how i love my frannnssss.

i need to start taping more mother fucking videos, then edit that shit.. and make my own hills episodes!! yeahyeahyeah!!


Anonymous said...

"Not kissing white boys - that's not on your list, is it?"

LOL. You're fucking hilarious.

Ron said...

"I'm more than a stranger."


"He's just a stranger."


syntifik said...

#1: lol thanks!?

ron: i'm nice, i swear it!!

Anonymous said...

Nice to put a voice to the face. Your voice is surprisingly girly but in a good way. Its a wrap. I'm in love with you Botch. You're doing good with the blog. Keep it up and post more vids! Do a video series for a week or something...not trying to sound eager haha. Just a thought!

syntifik said...

hahahha.. OMG. reaaallllyyy now?! thanks!? i think?! about the vids thing, maybe.. i feel like a lot of people do "video blogging" and i'm not really.. i dunno?! i don't feel like i'd be good at that?! but maybe grabbing some life moments would be cool.. we'll see where time takes us! thanks for the idea though, i will definitely consider it:)

jHeff said...

Lol @ you and Liza.
And the Blue Jays? Go back and go to a Raptors game!
I'm telling you man, next year is their year: 2011 NBA Champs, Raptors...

syntifik said...

we're funny:)
good call about the raptors taking the ship.. i can totally see that happening :/

fuck the raptors.

.. oh and i like the yankees more than the jays..

.....jus sayin'.