Friday, May 7, 2010


this is bianca. i am probably supposed to be getting ready right now cause we are going to get buck wild tonight.. but i am not getting ready.. instead i am doing a blog entry.. cause it's photo friday baby, and i have a lot to get off my camera.. what's life been looking like?! well i got lost between god and a shot of scotch..


i didn't edit these pictures cuz i just wanted to dump them into an yeaaahhh..! here!!

that blue concoction looks tasty.

when lipstick matches outfits.. you know you're ill shit.

back off ladies, they're both mine.

the best part of flip cup is singing..

marti knows.

lol, marti's going to kill me.


the next day we had to pick up alex's co-worker from australia .. to celebrate that, we got drunk.

holy shit teej, you look amazingly fucking hot in this picture.. i can see why alli is staring at you with aw! hottayy!!

australia. winnipeg. scarborough.

the first time he's tried my favorite beer, budweiser! nomnom.

that's it! i should really shower before bianca texts me "i'm outside" and i'm all like, "sick.. im in a towel".. people hate when i do that, i dunno why..

have a good weekend people, and if i see you tonight, then cheers!


Maribeth said...

see you tomorrow at that social?
i gave you your ticket last wknd. but then again we were both high as fuck so I don't know if I handed it to you or if you even took it and put it somewhere you'd remember it. anyways... see you tomorrow regardless cause i misshya

Anonymous said...

Dig the new look Botch!
Where the fuck have your sneaker posts gone?

syntifik said...

maribeth: womp! sorry..! head bust we was. all hail the champagne room;)

anonymous: thanks yo! sneaker posts are gone-zos.. just kidding.. saturdays are hectic for me i juzz havent had time :(