Saturday, May 29, 2010

24/7 !!

i usually always hate what nike releases for women. they seem to think that all girls need their sneakers to be flower, lacey, girly colored vomit.. being a girl who likes sneakers is one of the hardest things ever. sizes are so limited, and i don't have boy feet. i have girl feet.. so when people tell me about sneakers that are being released, i'm kind of weary about my feelings. like, "eh i can't get them, they won't have my size".. and if it's a women's release, i'm usually thinking it has some sort of lame ass pansy design to it..
which is why i'm kind of excited about these bad boys. yeah, there's purple.. but it's subtle, and it's very rare you come across air max's that do any originals justice.. but these aren't too shabby. the colorway just works. purple's my favorite color, so i'm dowwwwnn.

from what i've seen they run about $160. grab your wallets ladies and get to struttin'.

and also..



Anonymous said...

This new CuDi joint goes hard!

syntifik said...

hahaha ohhh ferrrsuuuureee!! i love cudi!! all day and night!!