Sunday, May 23, 2010


my apologies for the lack of blogging this weekend.. friday i left work to have lunch with maribeth downtown.. that ended up being ice cream and bubble tea because it was so fucking hot.. lucky for me, i was able to get a jog in.. HOORAY. then as i was on my way to meet boner, MY BOYFRIEND CALLED.. he was trying to surprise me by showing up in the city for the weekend.. but i wasn't home lol.. so i had to rush home to let him in. then we basically spent the entire weekend together, doing errands for the most part. he is just the most amazing thing in life:)

anyway, it's syntifik sunday! & here's what i've been asked this week.. sorry i wasn't able to answer all questions.. it's just today is jam packed as well.. BUT I ANSWERED A FEW!!

what was the best piece of advice given to you?
"don't fucking cry botch, crying is for pussies".
chin up, head strong.. it's the only way you'll make it.

What Ethnic culture would you most like to be a part of aside from your own?
none.. i like exploring all cultures, but i am very happy with my own. i'm happy with what i am.. completely satisfied.. thanks mom, thanks pops!

Do you want a big family?
i have wanted a big family for a very long time.. but i've decided it doesn't matter.. a family is a family!

i know i owe you guys a few posts.. blogging should be consistent, don't worry i haven't forgotten.. i'll get right back at it as soon as things cool down a little bit. i also found out that my grandmother is sick:( she's the biggest troooper in life, so i'm more than sure she'll pull through but your prayers would be greatly appreciated. thanks guys!


Jeph said...

Man I hope you're not talking about inang. Tell me you have another grandma!!

syntifik said...

it is my other grandma, my white grandma.. but she still deserves good wishes:(

jHeff said...

oops my bad =/ But if you say she's a trooper then there shouldn't be anything to worry about. I'll pray.

syntifik said...

thanks jeffy!