Thursday, May 20, 2010


so i was asked by a reader, to do a personality test. fuck it, readers are the best forms of flattery.. i fucking love every single fucking one of you.. so of course, i took the test.
it's funny because every single test i ever take tells me to be a teacher.. which is what i originally wanted to be before a writer. the option's still there.. but there's so many peoople taking education these days that i'm like eh. it also said counseling, psychology and social work.. ALL what i've thought about doing..
anyway, basically everything was dead on.. so thanks for the link:)

it was cool seeing that shit.

here are the links for my results:

lemme know if you think they're dead on or not!


jheffrey said...

A teacher?! teacher?! Haha just kidding. I'll take the test @ 70 questions, it better be worth it.

And who cares if people are all taking education, since when do you let people affect your own decisions?! you. are. weird.

syntifik said...

i know.. i didn't scroll down first, i did the questions, and every time i scrolled i'm like, really?! it's not done yet!?
i don't like people jheffy, if i ever chose to take education, it would not be in winnipeg, it would be in toronto.
i can't stand people!

jHeff said...

lol Counseling and Psychotherapy? Listening to other people's problems all day?? Sold!

syntifik said...

haha let's team up

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for taking the personality test hehe didnt think u would actually do it. but ya i thought my results were bang on and i was just surprised.

syntifik said...

ahah no problem!!
mine were pretty dead on too.. it's crazy.. im going to google more about my personality just to see what kind of things i get..

quiet and reserved huh?!

that must be why you comment anonymously!! ;)