Thursday, December 23, 2010


my boyfriend and i went in today.. christmas shopping. again. i fucking hate malls. i never really shop at malls. i think the two days that i have been to the mall this week, add up to make it a total of three times this year. i'm just not a mall person. cudder picked up himself the cool greys.. and since i burned my wallet christmas crazy'ing.. it looks like no cool greys for me. which is okay, i have the lows.. BUT FUCKTHAT ! ITS NOT OKAY! haha, i want shoes :( ugh. i'm so fucking poor now.. but i'm really excited for christmas. i got an early christmas/birthday gift in the mail today, which i will make a post about later.
til then.. my blackberry battery is broken, so you can basically only hear from me on my blog. leave a message(COMMENT) after the beep. i'm going to go wrap presents whilst listening to rap now. wrap rap! 36 chambers is my choice of dirty dirty today. see you next post. BEEP.