Friday, December 3, 2010


we brought edy to the vet today, and they set us in this really nice room with two couches, and a bed for edy. edy was able to sit on the bed so nicely for the doctor. we cuddled edy for a while before the doctor came in to put the catheter in. then the doctor left, and we stayed with edy longer. we cuddled and talked about how great of a dog he was to my family. i thanked him for protecting me and for being the most amazing dog ever, for listening and being so well-behaved. his fur was extra soft today.
after about fifteen minutes of me crying my eyes out, i regained myself, i pressed the button that notified the doctor he could come back in. he injected edy with a needle of painkillers. it's important your best friends do not feel any pain. edy licked my hand and laid his head directly on my lap. then they injected him once more with the anesthesia.. and his breaths became slower. i hugged him and listened to his heart beat. it sounded so peaceful. & then, his belly stopped going up and down, and i closed his eyes for him. he looked so calm.
i cried, and cried, and cried til i almost puked.. but i am finding relief in knowing he is in no more pain. i stayed for awhile longer pressing my cheek against his. i vowed in my head not to leave until i fully remember the warmth of him.. i then wrapped a blanket around him, so that he stays comfy in heaven.. and gave him one last kiss goodbye.

rest in paradise my puppy. i'll love you forevs and evs.
march 26 2002 - december 3rd 2010


Anonymous said...

Not Eddie :(, Sorry Botch:'(

syntifik said...

it's okay, thank you. who is this?