Tuesday, December 7, 2010


i try to center my life around these things: no drama, being a good girlfriend (rarely ever, i'm the worst girlfriend in life haha), being a good daughter, respecting myself, hip hop, having a stocked closet, and laughing. i ALWAYS drink tea at work. earl grey tea leaves are my favorite ever. i rarely drink bagged tea unless i buy it. i get some kind of creepy joy when making tea from tea leaves.
i'm really into odd beverages. if i see something remotely strange, i'm fucking down for it. wheat, green tea, sesame, guava, anything out of the norm that i can drink, i loves it.. and you can almost always count on me having a beverage on hand.. most frequent is redbull.
gossip girl is the only show i've followed from start to finish. all other shows i've started somewhere in the middle and watched the earlier episodes later. i freak out on my boyfriend when he talks during an episode. the only time we don't speak is during gossip girl/football.. but as soon as the show's over, i go right back to bein his soldier, cuz botch is a rider, and lex is a roller, put us together, how you gon' stop boff us?!.. ..... ...had to.
the history channel is my secret pleasure. i only watch it when i'm alone, and it's fucking scary how addicted to it i am.
i NEEEEED alone time. i like staying in my room to sleep or read or listen to music all by myself. & i like going to the library or starbucks and staying there for a couple hours. when people ask me what i'm doing, i usually lie and say i'm working or i'm already out with someone so they don't invite themselves.. cause no one really seems to understand the alone thing.. which rarely works because i'm the worst liar in the world.. then i just get moody because i didn't get enough alone time.

my name is botch, and this is my blog.


Anonymous said...

1. you officially are the worst liar.

2. green tea actually adds more years to you eventual life. keep it up old lady.

3. didn't know about the history channel.

syntifik said...