Tuesday, December 7, 2010


it's safe to say i am FULLY stocked on wrapping paper. i am FULLY stocked on ribbon, and tape! i have EVERYTHING to wrap every present, but i don't have any presents. watahhhh. alex and i had a movie date today. we watched 127 hours (i at first was going to say 172 hours, and had the cudder irritatingly correct me:( ).. ANDDD JIMINEY JILLICKERS! i think after two hours, i'd be like.. okay. this is the end. goodbye world. on a brighter note, JAMES FRANCO IS SOO SEX. oh james franco. you are such a stud.
i ran into a guy i dated a loongg time ago, today. it was.. awkward. especially because i forgot his name, DONT JUDGE ME! it only lasted like a week, and like four dates total before yeah.. WHAT MADE IT EVEN MORE AWKWARD? well.. let me tell ya.. i did not remember him for the life of me. i knew i KNEW him, i just couldn't remember from where. he looked really different.. it wasn't until he mentioned a certain memory.. in the recognizing of that, i also thought "how do i get out of this situation right now?!". luckily he asked me if i was dating anybody, that question came to my rescue. he kept calling me "girl", and it wasn't cool. it was kind of 2003.
cried when i picked up edy's collar today.. yeaaah. so. kind of extremely looking forward to hitting the books tomorrow. my mind feels so empty, i need intelligence. i'm sure the feeling will change once i start reading.
i've been having a hankering for champagne lately. i've thought about it every day for like a week now. anybodeehhh?


Anonymous said...

girl you suffer from some crazy amnesia. let's have a champagne campaign.