Sunday, December 12, 2010


geeze. i love paul rudd. he is the man.. and when he was standing beside paul mccartney wearing the "i'm with paul" shirts! AHHH! i love both of them!

as for the gsp vs. koscheck boxing match.. well.. heeeeyyyy ;) does anyone else have the urge to bite his bum?! freddie roach gets all the tips of the hat for this one.. imagine a gsp pacquiao match! it only exists in the land of fairy tales and unicorns, but it's a fun thought.

what a great night for tv.

anddd, did anyone catch this yesterday?!

LOL. what! spin move.. at such a critical point, you're going to throw in a spin move!? oh my lanta. officially the kanye west of hockey. cocky or not, that's pretty fucking daring, and when i saw this, all i kept saying to lex was "SPIN MOVE?! REALLY! SPIN MOVE?! .. SPIN MOVE?". that's fucking great. fuckin' great!


Maribeth said...

ya I ended up staying home. so you got the fight at home? sweet! i tried streaming it but to no avail. caught some of the snl, paul rudd is a funny man... which makes him hawt lol.

syntifik said...

haha yeah we ended up watching it at home.. paul rudd is so hot!! he's sooo funny. add him to my list of comical faces i must lick before i die!