Friday, December 24, 2010


if you don't know, let it be known. my favorite all time movie, ever.. is grease. i seriously have seen this movie over a hundred times and could watch it forever. FOREVEEERRRR!! it has everything, a car race, a love story, musical numbers, dancing, sex, everything!! haha. OKAY I KNOW HOW I MAY SOUND.. but i don't care. favorite. SANDY YOU CAN'T JUST WALK OUT OF A DRIVE-IN..!
i love rizzo, i love danny zuko! hello heart throb. you sir, are certainly the biggest catch i know.. and every time rizzo says anything, i'm like .. "fuck yeah, cosign". & you be the one to tell me bad sandy isn't your dream. here's a little tidbit, when sandy turns bad, the leather pants were so tight that they literally had to sew them on her.. and cut them off afterward.
i want every outfit rizzo wears.. and i also want every day to be like any night that occurs in this movie. yeah yeah yeah. someone needs to hook me up with both a thunderbird and a pink lady jacket and i will love you for life..

BUT TIL THEN.. i am going to sing grease songs at the top of my lungs and wait for christmas morning!! :) merry christmas everybody.


Maribeth said...

I definitely watched this on Christmas eve. such a classic.

syntifik said...

i know right! it made my christmas eve!