Monday, December 6, 2010


soooo alex and i were able to catch russell brand on leno just now. can i just say how fully obsessed with russell brand i am?! around an 8 on the swimfan meter. his sense of humor is so ridiculously attractive, that he's like a 10 on the sexy meter. & his style is a sure 8.5 on the attractive meter.. but enough with meters!

in get him to the greek. yoooooooooooo. om nom noms.. i'd post the russell brand clip from leno, but unfortunately, it was just on.. so it's not online yet.. BUT GO FIND IT AS SOON AS YOU CAN! he's so fucking ridiculously funny in a way that's no effort, and natural, that i wanna grab him and make out with him. sloppy and hard. have him grim my arms, maybe hard enough to bruise a little.. ok! enough. i must watch everything russell brand now.. but first, have some fucking candy son!

fuck yeah.


Anonymous said...

im gonna grow my hair like him

syntifik said...

donttttt.. no hair suits you and makes me like you more.. i wont date you if you do anything to disrupt looking like kid cudi ;) joking! kind of !