Saturday, December 18, 2010


i went in today christmas shopping. all around the city cause all my friends and family are so re-markably different. it's safe to say i'm completely broke.. and i kind of don't mind? christmas is kind of a big deal.. and here's my over-due wishlist for my non-facebook (I HATE YOU FACEBOOK) friends. go ahead and get lost..
i keep getting asked to make a wishlist, truth is i'm never really disappointed with gifts, any gift makes my heart all warm and gooey inside.. but since i've been asked, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere you go!

thick leg warmers, love leg warmers.
moccasin slippers
tights - love tights!
baggy over-sized sweaters
pimp rings that make me look like a bawse.
any jewelry that has to do with weapons hahaha, i dont promote violence, but i wear it?
make up! all kinds, i dont care what it is!
aloe vera gel, seriously, i go through this shit like nobodys business
downe comforter and pillows (solid colors!)
requiem for a dream (dvd)
over-sized scarves!
secret wish magic romance fragrance by anna sui
j'adore fragrance by christian dior
sedu flat iron
city of god by E.L. doctorow (book)
hip hop matters by s. craig watkins (book)
hip hop poetry and the classics by michael cirelli (book)
any movie with leonardo dicaprio, that i've seen with you or any disney movie.
printed socks!
sharpies + krink markers
a THIN camera, mine is on its death bed, and i need one that fits in my pocket
a blackberry battery and charger hahaha, seriously need this.
friends dvds (seasons 5, 6 & 9)
gossip girl dvds (i have none :( )
absolutely ANYTHING from american apparel or costa blanca
lotto scratch tickets, so i can take both YOU and me on a fabulous vaycay!
a canada goose jacket (i don't care if everyone and their dog has one, i'm cold)
beanies/touques of all colors
over-sized purses/and small ones
alcohol, whooo hoo.
chuck taylors, & dunks<3
sweat pants with the elastic at the bottom
film for polaroid camera

gift cards: starbucks, american apparel, costa blanca, hush, hmv, music trader, winners

AND.. the number one gift i want from people this year is a BURNED CD, made by you with your fav songs that you also think i would enjoy!!

for someone who doesnt make wishlists this one is pretty hefty. boo botcho, boo.


Ron said...

I've been buying a lot of scratch offs lately, my biggest pay being $15. I just bought beer with it.

syntifik said...

i won $100 once, and it was the highest i've ever won next to a free ticket/$2. scratch off's are wayyy too exciting.. and so is free beer. a good choice.. i can't remember what i bought with my buck, but i'm pretty sure it was beer too.