Sunday, December 5, 2010


do you disagree with that? if not, then holler back.. and tell ya girl, you'll call her back.

sooo this weekend was a complete keep to myself weekend. i stayed home all weekend.. which was good for me. my thoughts wandered between pets and sadness, but i was also able to grasp a firm hold on being complacent with the way things turned out. christmas is coming faster than i can handle, and so are finals. i don't know what i want to do next year, where i want to live (winnipeg/toronto), or where i want to go to school.. so i plan not to make any decisions until february/march.. i don't even plan to think about it til then. alex is thinking of taking a firefighter course (in toronto). currently a lifeguard, possibly an up-coming fireman? can he be any more of a stud?!
i feel like even though things are moving so fucking slow and routine right now, that things are right. all i need is a clean base, and i'm set.. a winning lottery ticket would be a cherry on top, but i won't complain. tomorrow is monday, the start of a hectic week, yet again. i'm not even close to being ready for it, but i'm looking forward to it? hope everyone had a good weekend. ta ta.


Maribeth said...

I was gonna come visit today but it's good you had some time to think. everyone needs some alone time =)

I vote you go to school in Toronto. It'll be shitty not having you here but I think its meant to be Botch. Alex the Fireman/ Lifeguard? He can save me from water and fire? Awesome!

I hope I can see ya this week. Hey! Wanna watch the UFC fight on Sat at Solid Gold, naked girls during commercial break... I know... fuckin awesome.

syntifik said...

that ufc deal sounds damn temptinggggggg..!

fire and water made me lol <3