Monday, December 27, 2010


christmas is over.

i felt really different this christmas, really.. truly.. i did. something about it was just off.. i didn't hate it, but i didn't love it either. it was the first christmas i went without seeing my mom. we had our christmas yesterday, which felt good, even though it was late.. but something about not seeing her on christmas day made me feel blah.
anyway, kind of glad it's over. i'm completely satisfied with my tims, my hellz bellz apparel, and my gift certificate for a tattoo.. and now that christmas is over.. you can officially start counting down the days to an even better day, my birthday.. and okay okay, new years too.
last year, my birthday got fucked up with some drama. so i'm really hoping for a good birthday this year.. i dunno what i wanna do for my birthday this year? i just want good music and all my friends.... soooo. yeah.


Maribeth said...

we are truly best friends botch. this Christmas was weird for me too. Not having my regular Christmas eve with the fam was ... sad to say ... a little depressing. and then add that to the difficulty of trying to get the girls together. all just seemed so meh. theres always next year right?

what are we doing for your bday anyways?

syntifik said...

cosign mama/ this christmas was so weird. i was so excited for it, maybe i hyped it up too much. i feel like it's un-finished or some shit.
I DONT KNOW WHAT I WANNA DO FOR MY BIRTHDAY?! i just want hip hop and my friends. it has to be christmas x a thousand trillion.

Anonymous said...

Yes Christmas was odd this year. I'm sure you know with the phone conservation and me not wanting to celebrate Christmas. Sorry if I ruined your spirits! Love you ! . I think I was not satisfied that I didn't get the things I wanted to get for the people I really cared about. But at the same time really grateful for family and friends. Let's make your birthday a blast this year ! Ride or Die til 6 am !! Lol


syntifik said...

haha can we please? i really want to start off the new year good. 2010 was not my finest. i'm thankful for friends and family too but it was still an odd one.
don't mind you being off, i could give a fuck. i just expect a fuck of a rager on new years eve. no work the next day means we're tearing 2010's face off.. past 6am ;)

syntifik said...

ohhh.. AND my birthday. i want a good birthday this year :(