Sunday, December 12, 2010


two weeks of procrastinating has caught up with me. i am officially fucked. i'm drowning in puppy madness, laundry dumps, papers, highlighting, headaches, a broken blackberry, zero christmas shopping, boyfriend time, no friends time, phone calls, work, deadlines, cigarettes, coffee, tea, redbull, erykah badu, aaaand a shit load of "TIME, please freeze for a fucking second, i'm sorry i didn't work as much as i should have, but i'm so tired!!".. BUT WOULD YA READ THIS ENTRY TWICE?! here i am, bloggin. another time consumer.
AAANDDD my blackberry just started working. ANOTHER DISTRACTION. it's definitely called crackberry for a reason.
time is such a bitch, ain't it? it never goes the way you want it to.. it's either too slow or too fast. fuck time. fuck time up the fucking ass. trick ass bitch! no bloggin til thursday or friday, i gotta put in work otherwise time's gonna gsp me to the streets of no success where i'm a homeless person with nothing but hip hop cds and a few pairs of nikes. can you spare some laces and a cd player? ya.
oh cruel cruel world, how i love you so.


jHefffff said...

ya think ya gots problems?! Well my personal chef has been sick aaaallll goddamn week lol just kidding................he's fine =D
haha holeh.....paul rudd is funny....paul mccartney is legen--wait for it--dary....paul pierce is too sick lol....hey there are no more famous paul's.....

syntifik said...

my personal chef is sick too, i just ordered dominos.
you just made my day<3