Thursday, December 16, 2010


so what chu wanna do? what chu wanna do?
apollo kids drops tuesday, botch's life dropped sunday.

i fucking hate hormones. i go from crying to angry to some what okay. i don't know how cudder deals with it, but a kiss on the forehead and he's all "what do you need?". WHAT DO YOU NEED? really? so he orders dominos for me and throws on his best "do not let the bitch side of botch get to you" face. that is some kind of love right there. some, kind, of love.
i wish today was wednesday because i have a lot to complain about but i won't. lemme let you guys in on a little secret, i left about twenty blank.. i won't go any further, but i will say that shit is a load of shit.

got a little christmas shopping done today with ma. it's nowhere near complete, but it is nice to have at least a little something done.. i bought three things for myself, which was narrowed down from an original 7. that's good, right?

i could really use a beer right now, and if we're wishing for shit, the whole world to stop being so fucking phony, a dumptruck full of money, apollo kids in my stereo, my moods to calm the fuck down and my very own flight club. throwback thursday comin right up.