Wednesday, December 22, 2010


HI BLOG READING FRIENDS! it's been a minute. you'd think since i actually don't have any books to read right now, i'd have more time for bloggin.. but that hasn't really been the case. i have been christmas crazy, music crazy, botch crazy, and working my mother fucking ass off. i'm currently dealing with a blackberry battery that i want to take and throw against a cement wall. piece of shit. it's taking every bone in my body not to buy a new one. $90 for a fucking battery?! that is some shit.. and i refuse to buy a battery OR ANYTHING for myself until i have everyone on my christmas list checked off. three days before christmas and i'm not done. hey. cool.
my boyfriend and i have been hitting up the city.. bus style. the weather has been too beautiful lately not to. our christmas grazing together has been so wonderful.. if you can find a dude to come into girly boutiques with you and not complain about it, take that champ and tie him down ladies, tie him down.
i've lost my tan. completely. it's long gone.. and it feels like i'm a completely different person. one guy today, says to me.. "that 'paris' on your wrist, you're french?. and i was all, whoa! you can tell i'm white?! and he's all.. oh yeah, you have white girl written all over you.. and i'm all.. yeah? that's my story. hope it works for ya.
.. but ! NOW! now that things are finally starting to simmer down.. and by simmer down, i don't mean simmer down.. i mean, now that things are going so busy, but not so busy that i can actually have some what of a life.. let's hang out!! FRIENDS! HIT UP MY BERRY.. and if you can't do that, cause that devil electronic only works when it feels like it.. then just come out to the daft punk party tonight. i promised the cudder i'd go with him a few months ago, so i'm skipping a few hip hop parties tonight to have some fun with people in helmets and cool colors. scarborough and i are feeling good.. let's paint this town drunk.

no work tomorrow means a fuck of a rager tonight. if not for daft punk, or tron, or alive, then for the holidays people, for the holidays.