Wednesday, November 30, 2011


When you put something on the internet, you're fully putting your entire self out there. I knew that when I started blogging nine years ago. I KNOW my stories, my words, my life, is here. It's right here. I understand, that with that, comes hate. I understand that people will rag on me with their opinions, their experiences, and their differences. I've never doubted that these types of things would follow my words. It's expected. It's not just ME who makes up me. Every single person I have ever met has contributed to build the person I have become. Both good attributes and bad.. and it is only MY decision to take those things and apply them in an honorable manner that helps me to grow.

Sorry ass comments and mail are always coming in. Some days more than others, and I'm sorry I don't respond to every single one. I know you all want my attention so bad, but y'all say the same shit over and over again, it's almost physically impossible to write the same response over and over. I mean, I suppose I could copy and paste this for every bad thing said to me. Ha.

IN ALL HONESTY THOUGH, if you hated me so much, you wouldn't be here every day. You're kind of addicted. So I think it's time you re-evaluate yourself and your bull shit words before you type something to me.

Aw, did I hit a nerve?

Xoxo, and of course, fuck you.


Mega said...

she love the way im doing it .. whoa

over my dead body said...

jealousy is just love and hate at the same time.

I Was Here said...

Give them hell Botch!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Yayyuurrr botcheezy! Toughest girl I know, anyone who fucks with u has another thing comin!!!! Brap!