Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I would do dirt nasty raunch type things to you. The kind where we break tables and work out some ill bruises. We would listen to "Initiation" on repeat, drink a lot of vodka and smoke out the entire room. In between all of this, we would have intense make out sessions. Then you would go on your laptop and show me remixes of both our favorite songs. Then we'd head to the balcony of your condo and breathe in some fresh air, and perhaps a glass of merlot. Afterwards we'd stumble to your couch or your bed, which ever one is closer. Then we'd sleep, wake up, eat cereal, and do the exact same thing over again.

I fucking love The Weeknd. Unnnffffff.


Anonymous said...

syntifik said...

yeah that's why i did this post:) lock me away! i am after tesfaye !