Monday, November 7, 2011




I heard this one before the original. To tell truth, I haven't listened to the original, but I will after this one. I haven't paid enough attention to Asap, and that's truth. I've heard enough good things about him, but we all know I do this shit on my own time.
So to begin! Does this shit make anyone else wanna stay in with some dope company, some brews, and smoke? Really though, Houston is in the building with this one. FUUUUCKKK. This is so grimey. So dirty. Lyrically, mediocre. HAHA. I appreciate the shit rap as much as hip hop, and this is top Grade A business in the shit rap department. How do you.. what? Yeah. I hope you get that, because I don't know any other way to put it.

I'm actually writing this on a Wednesday and pre-writing it for a Monday. Hopefully by then this has blown up enough. Slim K twerked this well.

I've never even been a huge fan of chopping and screwing.. it usually fucks everything up, half the reason I chose to listen to this version first.. It makes it easier for me to judge it.

I need some purple in a cup! CUPS OF THAT XO.

If you're down to just dumb down and throw your stink face in the air.. you should get the tape. The whole tape consists of weed, drank, groupies, sex, and high type instrumentals that make you feel hood. I've never been to Houston, but some how at this moment in time, want to immediately rep it.

"ABC's, bad bitch, double d's.. I got it on my chest, my nigga this is what I'm breathin.. So mami show me how that neck feel.. for now just chill.." - not exactly lyricism.. but the stink face in me appreciates it.

Dumb yourself for a minute, and roll to this one.