Tuesday, November 22, 2011



I absolutely despise white chocolate. It's a waste of chocolate. My hair has probably been every color you could think of, at least at one point. I have really close male friends, and really close girl friends. I don't get along with females that much. The ones I have are either really similar to me, or feel the same way as me. I am currently obsessed with SBTRKT, Childish Gambino and the Weeknd. It's all you'll hear if you're with me. If anyone dares to ask me about Alex, they will regret it five seconds after. I believe I can get anything that I want. I also believe that believing that I can get anything I want, helps me to get whatever I want. I probably party too much, but I refuse to ever admit that. What is too much anyway?! I mean, if you're not blacking out, not sleeping with somebody random, not catching diseases or missing work, or losing your wallet.. it's completely ok, right?
I believe that people who work hard, deserve just as well of a night off. Partying til 6am and heading to work straight after does affect sleep a little bit.. and perhaps I'm shit tired all the time.. but if my world was all work, no play; I might just slit my wrists.
I rarely ask for favors, and I NEVER borrow money. I'm usually the person doing it. I find it really hard to say no to people. I treat people out a lot too. Drinks on me, this meal's on me, this movie's on me.. because I believe that if you have the opportunity to share, you should.

I'm a working college student, living a night life, absorbing as much music as possible, with a love for clothes, shoes, and literature.. and I'm blogging as much as I can.

My name is Botch, and this is my fucking blog, son.


Anonymous said...

You brought back the Tuesday posts! I've missed these XD

Maribeth said...

Birthday girl got mad junk in her trunk LOL