Wednesday, November 16, 2011


He did it. He came through with an album that would take every Drake "hater", sit them down, and tell them, "Hey, listen, I'm just saying what I feel here". We hear that in his first song alone with, "the backpackers are back on the bandwagon/ like this was my comeback season/ back, back in the day/". I'll admit.. I wasn't completely satisfied with his first album, and that backpack line hit me hard. I've never claimed to be a backpacker, but I certainly feel like it was directed toward people like me. Those who gave the Torontonian a hard time actually shook their heads in shame, at least I did. May I still complain about that "paint dryin" line though, yo Drizzy, we're over that kindergarten shit.
He stepped on to the stage with this one. It still holds Weezy on it, but is definitely less Weezy influenced. Although he still plays homeage to Weezy with the "clock on the wall" reference. Who are we kidding? He had to. Never forget where yo came from. This is actually DRAKE. He found his flow and his cadence, without trying to grab styles from Wayne. That's heard on "Headlines". Anyone who can change their style that many times on one track, deserves a little bit of an applause.
Other guests that appear include Andre 3000, Rihanna (my least fav song on the album), Rozay, Stevie Wonder and others.
"We'll be Fine" is my absolute favorite. GOOD GOD. Production was handled by 40 and Tminus for this one, and they went crazy for this one. The production on here sticks a fist into your chest, and it feels good. It feels damn good. Other production on the album include the Weeknd, Chantal Kreviazuk (WHAT! Curaze), Just Blaze, Jamie XX and more. Drake himself even co-produced three songs, and it's nice to see him test those waters. An eclectic mix, for an eclectic album. Every song is different and has a different vibe to it with the same message.. Drake has grown up.

My favorite lines include:

"long as the outcome is in the income"

"shout out to the asian girls, let the lights dim some (sum)"

"first I made you who you are, then I made it/ and you're wasted with your ladies/ yeah I'm the reason why you always gettin' faded/ take a shot for me/"

"started not to give a fuck and stopped fearin the consequence"

"even though dyin' isn't in the plans/ but neither was makin' it and here I am"

"you ain't the only one tryin to be my only one"


Enjoy and take care. lol, I'm lame.