Wednesday, November 2, 2011


You know what sucks? Everyone asking me about Alex every five seconds. No, we don't want to be asked your fucking questions. We're already in a hole, and we would each like it if everyone stopped with their fake caring. "Aw, how are you guys?", fuck outta here with that shit. Support us as individuals or move the fuck on.
Warm wine sucks too. Having people take your pictures at a party when your eyebrows aren't done doesn't completely suck, but it isn't that great of a time. These photographers sure as hell can get pretty damn sneaky.
Pregnant youth sucks too. Mind fucks are totes wack.. and so is waiting for a response from an author. I THOUGHT E-MAILS WERE INSTANT?! Get instant.. instant.. instant-er..? Ugh.
I think I have to work on Remembrance Day. That's wack too. I think that day should be reserved for everyone. I mean, working on Remembrance Day is basically saying, "Sorry, but we can't afford to miss a day to remember people who gave up so much to fight for us to live this life". That's dumb.
Expensive school is dumb. College is also dumb for sending me an e-mail two weeks late. Markers that dry out are wack too. So is the guy who I complimented today. How you gonna take that compliment and run?! I like your jacket, I tell you I like your jacket, and you freak out? You're wack. Mopping is wack too. I also dislike when my friends are sad. I wish I could take everyone's problems and send them to another galaxy. Galaxies aren't wack.

This is my What's Wack Wednesday post. I didn't really know how to write it because even with the petty bull shit, I'm in a fantabulous mood. I really wanted to speak about the things that are so awesome.. but I figured a written entry on a Wednesday shouldn't include such. I owe you a rant. I hope it was successful.

My ankle hurts. I sprained it a week ago and this shit is still swollen. That shit is wack too. /rant /overduewednesdaypost


peterparkerpan said...

tell'em ma!
tells the boss lady to respect to soldiers.
hate markers that dry out too fast especially when they're all dried out and you're searching through the whole box.
the compliment man was scured. couldn't handle a pretty girl telling him something nice.
mopping is fun. I'll do it next for you.
hate it when girl friends are sad.
galaxies are dope.
you're pretty and I wanna hold your hand.
that is all