Monday, October 18, 2010




so as much as i am into hip hop (it changed my life completely, love you forevs), i'm more than just that. my music taste varies and is VERY eclectic. i enjoy punk, i like rock, and i LOOOOVE my indie. i basically like anything that's good. hahahahah. from tokyo police club to system of a down to nirvana to death cab to smoosh. my music moods jump all over the place. hip hop just stays in rotation the most.
so when i found out jamaica did a mixtape, i kind of almost jizzed my pants. they made a mixtape of songs that they figure perfect for road trips. being that i'm half french, and that i love road trips as much as beer, i found this mixtape to be completely fitting. i decided it was a must especially after seeing the track list.

1: I’ll be around - The Spinners
2: Short & Entertaining - Jamaica GOOSE Rmx
3: Message in a bottle - The Police
4: Won’t get fooled again - The Who
5: The diary of horace wimp - ELO
6: Voyages - Michel Polnareff
7: Love Endeavor - Alice Smith Maurice Fulton Rmx Tonton Edit
8: The Runners - The Three Degrees
9: Untitled - Dj Falcon
10: Sabotage - Beastie Boys / Alec Metric Redit
11: Franck Sinatra & BIG Juicy edit
12: Jupiter - Sebastien Leger
13: Lettre à France - Michel Polnareff

this tape goes from old rock to electro, even throwing some beastie boys and biggie smalls in there. the best part about it is it really feels like "on the road" music. it's mixed really well. the correlation between different genres comes out beautifully smooth. i find that better mixtapes are always made to sound like one continuous song. that's the beauty of mixing. taking a shit load of tracks and making them sound like one continuous song to fill your ears with music love.
i'm going to go ahead and give this mixtape a 5/5. apparently this is their third, so i need to catch up and get the other two.. but this definitely is making the whole "college mind fuck read til your eyes collapse" process a lot easier. road trip anyone?!