Sunday, October 3, 2010


let's get it poppin..

new york nightlife kinda makes me all giddy and happy inside.

it's so fucking bright in times square that some times, you forget it's night.

mcdonald's is fancy huh.

TIM HORTONS! tim hortons made it to new york! this had me really excited and proud to be canadian lol

even though it was the smallest tim hortons to ever graze times square, ITS THERE!

living out of a suitcase was, is, and forever will be my kind of life.

love life. drink water.

when you're staying in times square, mornings are wonderful!

what should i put in my omelette?!

fuck yeah. dessert for breakfast is a thing i definitely approve of!

freshly squeezed orange juice. toast. spinach and feta cheese omelette for brekky. ohhh how i loved life at this fine moment!

eyebags and no sleep makes me wish i had sunglasses too.

happy new year!

let the shopping continue..