Saturday, October 23, 2010


start being a weekend already. feels like a fuckin' tuesday the way this shit's going. IT'S SATURDAY. friday was a drag fest. saturday is snooze fest. and sunday's going to be the same. all work and no play make botch a mean bitch. if you add beer to that equation however, well then the whole weekend turns around! SOOOO.. what the heck's goin' on here?! i shouldn't even really go out either, i have a big day tomorrow, until wednesday i'm basically booked until 4pm at the earliest.. so i should rest and do the little things before the big things come and i freak out cuz i didn't get anything done.. BUT FUCK! i want a break! i can't stand working hard all week (and weekend for that matter) to not party at night. let's go out!? friends?! where are you?! waaaaahhhhhhh.