Tuesday, October 19, 2010


i kind of really hate all people who are "fine with the way things are". i don't care if you're a broke ass bum, or if you're a millionaire, there is ALWAYS that next level. i pride myself in knowing that no matter what my situation is, i just have to keep reaching for that next level.. time doesn't mean shit, but effort does.
beer is my best friend. i'm kind of insanely ridiculously addicted to lipstick. every color needs to be in my life. why hasn't anyone invented the perfect mascara yet?! if i had that i'd never wear eyeliner again!
i hate lazy people. & anyone who wants to take that sentence and say "are you lazy, botch?" can suck a dick. i work extremely hard, and party even harder.
i feel like 85% of the people in my life are ignorant-minded slow people who don't understand good books because they only have enough brain to be dumb and annoying.
my basketball coach used to get angry when my team and i would yawn in practice. he would yell, "IF I'M TOO BORING FOR YOU, YOU CAN LEAVE PRACTICE". so in order to cover up my yawns, i would lift the neck of my shirt to cover my mouth.. this action happened frequently in practice to wipe sweat off the face, or if you had to sneeze/cough and not spread germs. it was the secret yawning weapon that could be passed off as a wipe/sneeze/cough.. and to this day, i still do it out of force of habit.
i love brussel sprouts. they're my favorite vegetable. i also thoroughly enjoy black licorice candy. two things that are cliche "hates". nope, not i. i looove them. so when i was a kid, i always got extra cuz them other kids was like "ew i hate this!" and i was right over there being like, "I'LL TAKE IT!".
i am currently going through a "lace phase". anything with lace, i gotta have it! lace skirts, lace sweaters, lace everything, I WANT IT.. and a bullet necklace to go with it!
can someone please dye my hair for free?


jheffreytard said...

Sorry dude, you can't say you like things and expect us readers to believe it. You have to uplaod a video, Hair and Make-up tutorial while eating brussel sprouts and black likrish....nickelback playing in the back. Million hits guaranteed, no joke.
kaammaaaann doooo eeeeet! we're in our prime what do we have to lose aside from our dignity?!

haha =D

syntifik said...

i AM NOT the one who likes nickelback okay, that's YOU.
shut up jheff, stop trying to make me do tutorials. why do you wanna learn how to do make up so bad?! that confuses me:)

geoff said...

wow i feel like your focusing too much on my possible homosexuality and not enough on the Million Hits I guaranteed. yea yea? ellowel kiiidding.

im not gay! =(

syntifik said...

are you sure? you can tell me, i won't tell.
lol @ million hits.
you truly are some kind of wonderful mister pineda.