Monday, October 18, 2010


current thoughts: i'm nervous. i need to quit smoking. anger. i'm tired. i can't do this. world, stop turning for a second. my mind is a complete fuck. i wanna cry. i am crying. emotional mind fuck. fear.. and a shit load of "i need more money in the bank". clear up your schedule botch, it only gets harder from here/
i could really use a slap to the face right now.

don't be a pussy botch. life throws swings at ya, you gotta take 'em. okay. okay. everything will be okay.

so, this is life?


Unknown said...

SLAP!!!!!(your welcome) yes Botch this is life,but it does get better!

syntifik said...

thanks! lol.
i look forward to it!
today just got tremendously better.