Saturday, October 23, 2010


so i made sure to leave the books to catch the premiere of kanye west's video? movie? whatever. so let's take a look at it.
as soon as i saw bird girl/lady(?) i knew.. THATS WHAT I WANT TO BE FOR HALLOWEEN. nowwwwww.. all i need is a killer body and some feathers.. OMG. so hot though, seriously so hot.
the michael jackson float was interesting.. i really wasn't sure what the two angels on the side of it were supposed to be? one of death, and one of life? one of good? one of bad? but michael jackson?! did. not. yeah, didn't get that.
the kkk seems to be a fascination with mister west.. he's always big on making the most outrageous things to get you in thought, but i think the video could've done without that.. he did it already, i heard him the first time. the teacup part was pretty powerful. i took it as a metaphor for perseverance, that scene was absolutely beautiful.. but there was nothing in the cup lol..
THE AIRPLANE HANGER.. WOOOOOOWWWWW.. what an amazing set. the contrast with the white clothes, against such a beaaautttiiiful room. who knew an airplane hanger could turn out so fucking beautiful?! the white people as servants was a pretty strong thought. that made me literally say "whoa", out loud. that's a big statement, and i applaud the sense of art and history in that. i feel as if some people are going to be offended by that, and i think that it should be viewed as what it is.. he literally took the term "if you could walk in our shoes" into full effect, and it was 100% interesting.
when homeboy was like, "do you know she's a bird?" OMG. i literally died laughing. way to throw some comedy in there, i found it to be quite comical.. and as soon as the piano started, i got ridiculously excited.. AND WHEN THE BALLERINAS CAME IN! omg. MY HEART STOPPED. SICCCKKEST THING EVER. when the table lifted their glasses for douchebags, i fully appreciated that. i fully appreciate the song, so seeing a visual for the line, in such straight line segments was screaming beautiful art. the ballerina with the cornrows was a boss.. loved her.
annnd then, the turkey came out.. waaahhhhh.. comfort your girl kanye what is you saying right now honestly!
THEN, the biggest line from the vid, "ANYTHING THAT IS DIFFERENT, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE." wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwow. WOW WOW WOW. i'm not even gonna.. just wow.
there are a lot of light shows and fireworks and all that kind of stuff, kanye loves his flashing lights.. ANNNNNNNNNDD then, she RUNS AWAY.. cuz run away.. and then he runs.. and that's it. she probably would've stayed if you didn't cook up her cousin for dinner. that's me trying to be funny, hope someone laughed at that.
real talks though, it's a pretty intense video.. and it spoke pretty well. i fully appreciated it.. and what else could you expect from kanye?! he's always trying to get people talking. let's see if he was loud enough for people to hear..

4/5 for contrast and lines and balance and music.. i hate how cocky dude is, but he certainly knows what pleases. minus 1 because uhh.. well, what?


Gemini 5ive "F110" said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

syntifik said...

it surely is something interesting..!