Wednesday, October 20, 2010


my partner in crime and i some how came across the topic of "psycho relationship drama" in a conversation yesterday. now, i don't own a phD, and, i'm no psychiatrist, and i've never had my mind thoroughly picked apart.. but i'd like to think that the two of us are fairly intellectual and 100% normal.. but what makes normal?! certainly not drama-filled relationshits. now, since i've come to the conclusion that we're both not psycho, we've both taken the role of "momentarily psycho" in relationships.. and we've come to this final thought.. psycho relationships make you psycho.

now.. there are two ways that i could go about this entry.. number one, i could leave it at the one paragraph.. NOT going any further.. ORRRRRRRR i could tell you stories that the two of us discussed. WHICH WOULD YOU LIKE?!

well, i already know the answer to that question.. BUT BEFORE I DO, i would like to announce that i am completely risking everything i am to tell these stories.. and i am completely nervous about this entry, as well as petrified.. but i figure that this is my blog and i have to be as honest as i can, in order to fully show both how i've grown and also how normal i am.. hahaha. SERIOUSLY. psycho relationships make you psycho. i'm not psycho!

i am also not going to list which stories are mine, and which stories are b's. anonymity needs to play at least a small role. i'm also keeping them short. less details.. to protect both myself and the past.

girl lives with guy. guy doesn't come home that night. the next morning he arrives. she yells at him, he's fucked up and passes out. she tries to wake him up, he refuses then gets mad. he hands her a bat, tells her to hit him if she wants. then he takes the bat from her. she leaves, and falls, cutting her leg. he leans over and says, "you have nowhere to run baby."

in an argument, she slams his head into a car window. repeatedly.. followed by a lot of punching.

after a dispute about money, he takes all her cash, and rips it to pieces. she gets out of the car. he crashes the car into a tree.

after guy admits to cheating, girl sleeps with him.

there's a lot more, but i'm going to leave it at four for now. we'll see what kind of a response i get from this first. let it be known though, i do not approve these circumstances nor do i wish to ever live them again, but everything, GOOD OR BAD makes you who you are.. and although we didn't feel it at the time, all experiences have taught us just how amazing our lives are now.. so yo, you're either the last one standing or the last one to fall.


Anonymous said...

My stories:

1. Guy was homeless, girl has a home. Girl follows him around to show loyalty, gave up her home. Guy still accuses her of cheating. Choked her,grabbed her from the neck and pushed her against the wall, pulls her hair, poured beer at her when she got pregnant. She lost her baby cuz of the shit he gave her.And last thing, Headbutted her infront of the legg building, she started seeing stars, fell down on her knees, dizzy.. Girl gets up, and comes walking around with him again.

2. And everything else before that, guy said " i will never hurt you".

3.Girl was in the guys parents house. They were at the backyard, guy started going pyscho and accused her of cheating again. Guy choked her, strangled her, keep throwing her to the ground UNTIL SHE GIVES A NAME OF THE GUY SHES CHEATED with which she never did.Girl escaped and asked help from his parents. His parents dropped her back to the city, girl called the guy. Guy sweet talked her, girl told him shes gonna wait for him. Guy comes back to the city the day AFTER, girl called the parents to check if hes got on the bus cause its already 11 and hes not back yet. parents told the girl he brought another woman home after he talked to her on the phone yesterday. Guy comes over her place, hes homeless. She forgave him and goes homeless with him. He was too pussy to kiss the girls ass, Instead he hurt her more and accused her more of cheating, even though hes the one caught slippin. And in the next few months, he's gonna do it again. Girl still loves him, hoping that he's changed and mature.

And the happy part is, Girl is now far from him. its been 3 months. She's thinking if she should give him another chance, people change.

syntifik said...

told you, psycho relationshits make you just that, psycho.. but also, they're PSYCHO. let me tell you something, PEOPLE DO NOT CHANGE. trust me, i know!! i've been in the EXACT same situation as you. the exact same.. and it is completely not worth it. people don't change, it only seems so. temporary cover up is easy for people like that.. it's what they thrive on.
manipulative people will always be manipulative. & whoever did that to you, is going to do it again.
my situation was so bad it took me 6 months to get out. SIX MONTHS, just to leave.. and i'm still not fully healed. a police officer (another shitty night) once told me the best advice about abusive relationships "these things are like a circle, you get the conflict, then the 'i'm sorrys', and then the 'i love you's' and then the 'let's work through this', and it just keeps going full circle. it's time to step out"
you have to STEP OUT.. because no matter how good things seem to be getting, you still keep on running in circles at that same point of hell.. and things will always get worse.
girls have that mothering nurture in them, they want to take care of their boyfriends, want to change them, want what's best for them.. but that's not your job girl, you're job is to better yourself, and leaving will do that. i promise.
it'll be hell, but it'll be peanuts to what'll happen if you stay.

Anonymous said...

If it could be easy to "like" this post, I would. But then I realized that I haven't commented in a looong ass time. Partially because the pop-ups don't work all the time on my computer aaand I can't do this at work anymore.

After reading this, I just remembered.. what the fuck would I have done if I didn't have you on the phone with me the entire time when I was walking that night!!!??!?!

This is gonna be a long comment, lol. Sooo he texted me today, which is retarded, considering he told me I ruined his life for telling everyone that he left me to walk home. Because apparently, everyone knows. Not that I care or anything. But anyway, after telling me he hates me and all that jazz, he still decided to text me, which started off with, "hey friend!..."

Mmmm I'm gonna be anonymous. But I hope you figure out who I am ahaha.

syntifik said...

i guess i didn't know who this was at first, only because you never told me ANY of those stories. what's the deal with the homeless?! you neeeed to fill me in on that.
and now, knowing who you are, i can say i still agree with my own advice, but also 100 times more. i really hope you didn't text him back. i really hope.

syntifik said...

yo my bad for thinking #1 was #2, i got kinda flizzered with the comments there.. uhhhhh...

dont really know what to say now!
but both of them are jerks in my books.

Anonymous said...

anonymous #1.

Your fucking right.

This is crazy, i know your ex. this is gonna be an interesting
*i was kinda stalking your livejournal to see what youve been through, to give me strength. I dont know any other blog that has so much honesty. I read what youve been through, how you cope with it etc. Yess i hear ya, tell me about it, i feel yaaa. WORD. and what you wrote up there, Its true. Ur ex is still the same, the make-believe-me guy. His current gf is pregnant and got so much shit from him,She couldnt get out of that hole cuz shes used to it thinking its all G. He calls her princess too. Then she figured that princes used to be you, She stalked your blog and told me " he picked me ha". And i thought, HAHA yeah. he picked you and thats all you see. you dont see shit he puts you through.What kind of a fucking loser he is. The orignal princess didnt really lose nething.

It just sucks that she got pregnant, and how its gonna be worse every single day with him.

But you, Your fucking awesome. you give me strengh. reading your blog helps me get out of that mothertrucking hole. I spent most of the time reading your bloggies to keep my headup.

I lovveee your honesty so much. keep it up missy. <3

syntifik said...

wow. where do i even begin to respond to this?!
i really thought literally no one read my livejournal. it's kind of crazy to me that you found it.. and all of that is really flattering. thank you so much. i fully believe he's the exact same, he hasn't paid me back anything for a good while, so i figured he's the same.
the last time i saw him, he gave me forty bucks, which i was proud of, even though it didn't touch what he owed me. he ended up calling me a week later, telling me he needed to see me.. i lied and said i was busy, even though i was in toronto.. i didn't want him to find out i was moving to toronto, because i didn't want him to just disregard paying me back, even though that chance is slim. being called princess every day was nice, but i can see him calling his new girlfriend princess.. that's fine by me. i wasn't treated like a princess then, i am now.
lol @ his girlfriend stalking my blog, i figured some of my snooty comments were kind of connected to him some how. "the original princess didn't really lose anything" made me cry. thank you for saying that. that's really touching.
as for his girlfriend being pregnant, that's not my bizz, but it does make me sad for the girl, and make me feel extremely weird. weird that he's having a baby.. so fucking weird. i don't know, but that's fucked up. that's so fucking fucked up. you know what he wanted to name our kid?! he wanted to name our kid, "anonymous" LOL.
i really don't know how to feel about his girlfriend though, i could give a fuck honestly. i've already been there and i'm so thankful i'm out, that i'm kind of happy he has a girlfriend. she'll keep him away from me, and if she's still reading my blog.. well, good. i hope she learns something.

it's a crazy feeling to be thanked like this, i really don't know what to say.. but i can honestly say comments like these are why i blog.. so thank you, for taking time out of your life to hear about mine.
i appreciate that.. and i appreciate you.