Friday, February 24, 2012


- I'm sick.
- I'm in Scarborough.
- I'm chasing Buckley's cough syrup with orange juice.
- It was cold out today, but I have a fever.
- I killed Alex in Scrabble. I never lose Scrabble, sorreh.
- Orange juice with cough syrup is kinda like a really shitty shirley temple.
- I don't mind that I'm sick.
- The slush outside made me not wanna venture anywhere.
- Louis CK is soooo funny, I can't stop watching him.
- I've been listening to A LOT of Nouvelle Vague, A LOT of Class Actress.
- I like Wu-Tang.
- Alex got a new tattoo. It's a good one.
- I forgot my notebook. DRATS.
- I want a yacht. Big boats are terrible for the environment.
- I care about dolphins. SAVE THE DOLPHINS.
- My favorite animals are elephants, though.
- Still love my team, awwwww.