Tuesday, February 14, 2012


It's been six months since we've been together. Six months. AND ALLLTHOUUUGGHHH, we keep it civil most days, arguments still come. AND ALLLLTHOUUUGGHHH, I tell you I absolutely hate your guts.. it isn't true. You're one of the dopest people to ever step foot into my life. You're kind, you're smart, you're fit, and you're completely in love with me.. and I don't know why you are! But you are! And I promise, to stick around.
I remember the first time you told me your birthday was on Valentine's Day, and I didn't believe you. You had to show me your driver's license and I was still, "Is this legit?!". I'm pretty positive you were given your birthday because of your huge heart. Seriously, that thing stretches for miles. How do you do it?! You've helped me out a lot, and I've discovered so many things thanks to you. I owe you a zillion for that.
You're truly some kind of wonderful, and I wish you all the best today. It's your birthday! And since we're both valentine-less, we'll both be gettin drunk tonight! Cheers to my lonerism, and to your birthday! You deserve the world, don't ever doubt that you can't get it. I most certainly believe that you can. I'll toast to you tonight, I hope you hear the clank:)

And yo, clean your room.


Anonymous said...

Is that alex or kid cudi? Hehe.
--- blog fan

syntifik said...

ha, he gets that a lot.