Thursday, February 2, 2012


- I don't sleep enough.
- Frank Ocean is still that dude.
- The Rockie Fresh mixtape is good.
- The weather is beautiful.
- City of God (the book) is turning out to be.. un-expected.
- Chuck's "Damned" was fucking phenomenal.
- Shredding paper is fun.. until you do it for four hours.
- Lana Del Rey is a fucking goddess.
- Happy Birthday, Tj!
- Music is so good.
- Keys n Krates was/is always great. Thanks for coming back, guys.
- I like salsa.
- Partying and fashion.
- I've been spending way too much $$$.

I don't want anything but truth, and time. If you can't give me that, I'll move on about with my own business. This is a worry free zone. Join me if you want to, or keep walking. My team, Scarborough, Perla, Lize, Esco, good music and the night. Subliminal shots are never fired. These are general statements.