Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Hey guys, wanna hear about the best weekend of my life?! Then go ahead and get lost between god and a shot of scotch.

It started out Friday. Meet ups for the beautiful Kalliane's birthday. I don't think we've ever jumped that much in our life. Did I mention I have the baddest team in the universe?! I love my friends so much. You know when random strangers come up to you and tell you, "yo you girls are always the illest ones here".. that it was a good night. Drinks were spilling, fashion was blazing, and music was bomb. Not even gum in my hair and three girls ripping my hair out to get it out could ruin the night. It was actually kind of funny.

Botch: "my poor hair :( all this gum!"
Joe: "Ah don't worry Botch, you have tons of hair! Long hair!"
Botch: "Yeah you're right, fuck it". lol

The ONLY downfall of this night was having a pervy fucking cab driver pissing me off at 4 in the morning. It's never fun having to get out of a cab, drunk, in the blistering cold, at 4 am because you don't take shit from no one. Actually.. that was pretty awesome too. Don't fuck with Botch, thunn.

Saturday started out with some laughs. Which is exactly what I needed after hating the way things have been going lately. Whenever you're down in the dumps, surround yourself with good people. I think my favorite thing about going to comedy clubs is the food. It was my sister's birthday and she killed it. She's such a beauty:) The comedian was jokes too, "What flavor was this!? OH! GRAPE!.. maybe". BUT I THOROUGHLY enjoyed my dip platter, best hangover food ever. Spinach dip, HUMMUS! Omnomnom.

After that comedy trip.. It was time for dubstep Saturday. HOLY SHIT. I think we did a total of three locations, and each one was playing the most amount of dubstep you could ask for. Dj Araab Muzik was phenomenal. That guy puts in work when he djs! Oh my heart. How does a dj make you feel like you're up there playing what he's playing?! Well he did, and it was awesome.

Move on to Sunday, FUN DAY! Amber graced my life to give me a much needed haircut. Goodbye gum ripped hair! Amber time doesn't happen often with busy schedules and what not, so a night and a day with her, well.. it was a real treat.. After that, it was time for some much anticipated FEASTING. My family gets together what feels like every Sunday for some much needed eating. It's crazy. You'd think these Frenchies and Filipinos were Italians. THEY LIKE TO EAT. Seafood pasta, pasta salad, Chow Mein, Scalloped Potatoes, Roast, Lemon baked Tilapia, Battered Shrimp, dude! The list goes on. What's better than that?! Bringing Kalliane along for the ride and throwing in some rap karaoke.

After that fiasco, went to check out a cover band. They played the Beastie Boys AND the Ramones right after each other, so once that happened, I knew it would be a good night. I was right. I got a phone call at midnight that changed my entire perspective on my current situation. THANK YOU, for that. You're the reason I'm always getting faded! ANDDD it made my entire weekend. That's all I really wanted.. AND RIGHT AT MIDNIGHT! Not a minute later. Our next location was a set up for some mean hip hop. Foxy Brown, KRS ONE, Lost Boyz, AND all played by a female dj. She put on! Our next location was full of more dubstep. Dubstep all over the place!

Then.. this happened..

Don't you just love text message parties?! Afterwards finished half a bottle of wine and hit up even more dubstep. This night went til 7 in the morning. DEATH.

MONDAY! I hadn't slept but put on my "let's go get em" pants. Six hours of sleep in like four days can really fuck you up. "Rollin rollin rollin, I ain't slept in weeks". I met up with my friend Ryan for coffee. We could talk for hours, and I really miss that now that we each live in different cities. We stopped by his place and six years ago we started filling in a Wu-Tang symbol on his blinds. I think it took us like two months to finish filling. You try filling in a Wu on fucking blinds, with a sharpie, shit is hard. Plus I got to meet his turtle! What more could you ask for on a Sunday?! Then I came home and vomited my guts out. You know. Sexy type shit.

So, what did I learn this weekend?! I learned that I can't make anyone want what I want. I learned getting gum in your hair really fucking sucks. I learned that beer still rules. I learned that hip hop isn't dead, and never will be. I learned that no matter what happens to me, I have enough good to out-weigh the negative.

And fuck, if I have anything to be thankful for, it's definitely that.
Stay up.

Glorious darling, absolutely glorious.


Anonymous said...

So when does part two of your movie life coming out :)

syntifik said...

as soon as i possibly can, lemme know if you hear any offers;)