Monday, February 6, 2012




I found Rockie Fresh by accident. I was honestly trying to find an A$AP ROCKY song, and stumbled upon "Drivin 88". OHHH BOYYY BUT WHENNN I DIIIIDDD..
This guy is dope...... I legit, wanna have sex with this mixtape. Like, I'd take this music, and rub it in my crotch if I could. Too much?! Listen to it and tell me otherwise.

Hosted by DJ Ill Will! The tape starts off with Rockie saying exactly what he wants. He wants to make music, and he wants the good shit. I will start off by saying flat out, this "mixtape" could have easily been an album, EASILY. This guy doesn't have a fucking care in the world, and you get that vibe from the tape.

Filled with mid-tempo beats, a chilled voice that gives you shivers, and lines that make you love music all over again, this Chicago rapper is every bit of refreshing. After we leave the intro, we head into "Drivin '88". Smooth flow and the help of Casey Veggies, you're already head bobbin.. Then we move into "Never Never". YUP! A SBTRKT SAMPLE! I nearly hit the roof with joy when I heard that shit. OH MAN. My heart is beating so fast right now just typing about it. "They thought that I would fail, they only see me making it", he says. This local rapper is blowing up, he knows it, and he deserves it.
He has punchlines, but not a lot.. and I feel like that's solely because he doesn't need them. He's saying what he feels, and it comes off right. There's just something about his flow that captures you.. You forget you're listening to a song, and you legit feel like he's talking to you. I won't get into this song by song.. I will say I'm giving it a 4.5/5. EVEN though I think the "Back to the Future" deal is a little wah. I understand that the theme works for the tape, I appreciate the movie references.. but sometimes it gets a little.. "been here". Wale already did that. AND, some of the cuts are a little messy for me. Don't take that for anything more than it is, this is probably going to be my favorite mixtape of the year. I don't see much wrong with it.. so I can't really take away from it. I just can't. I'd feel guilty if I said this is anything less than a 4.5. I even hate the song, "Turn it up", because of it's pop type sound. BUT STILL. It's a solid tape.
Regardless of THAT fact, Rockie deserves all the good talk he's getting right now. I look forward to seeing/hearing what's next. Legit this has been on rotation for over a week now.


Download/stream for free: HERE