Monday, February 13, 2012


- Kanye West, Frank Ocean, AND Tyler the Creator?! YES PLEASE.
- Hangovers that prevent you from doing anything?! NO MORE.
- I say no more, but what I really mean is, they suck and they will happen again.
- Coachella research is hard work.
- College can suck it.
- I can be everything you want or everything you hate. The choice is yours.
- Juicy J always makes me laugh, "you say no to drugs, juicy j can't".
- Class Actress is almost the only thing I want to listen to right now. ALMOST.
- Grove salad? For life.
- I don't give a fuck about the grammys.
- The world would be a better place if pubic hair didn't exist.
- JEREMY LIN! $14 million, mattah fact, bigguh number..
- I am worth a gillyun. IMDABES.
- Scarborough, twerk team, Lizur, Tj, Jheff. Thank you.

Durka durka.