Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I miss esco. 12 more hours til I'm on a bus to Montreal! I am not looking forward to lugging a backpack around. Sleeping on a bus isn't the best, and I couldn't sleep in a hotel bed last night. Hhhhhwhhhhyyy?!?! Perhaps its this stomach flu. Sucks, bro. Toronto is the best. I love my toronto life. Niagara is quite apocalyptic right now. I was waiting for a zombie to jump out at me. It didn't happen. Alex and I went for some beers. Our fights have been minimal. He has funny jokes. I'm funnier though.
I'm excited for Montreal. I've never been!
Everyone hides out in the casinos and bars in niagara. They didn't have the lights on at night for the falls. I was able to catch a zillion rainbows during the day. I loooove colors! A buffet cost $50. And most dishes were meat. What a waste of my life. Did I mention I miss esco?!

What was this entry?! I haven't slept. Leggo.