Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Really it is. From a female perspective, this day is for every female breathing. What does she want you ask?! The full princess treatment.

I'll break it down so it's easier:

- Flowers are ALWAYS a win. I don't know when dudes started thinking flowers were over-rated, but they aren't!
- Long stem roses are usually a number one pick (NEVER yellow ones), but if you can't afford that shit, she'll be happy with anything other than spider-mums.
- If you go in and tell a florist, "I wanna spend this much, help", they'll work it out!
- Stuffed animals that read "I love you" or "Happy V-Day" are lame as fuck, never get us that.
- We will take chocolates though, boxed chocolates, OR SWEETS. A box full of cupcakes will earn you one mean make-out session.
- YOU plan it. No female wants to plan a Valentine's Day, we want to be treated.
- A spa date, a basketball game, a dinner, whatever you plan, as long as you put in an effort, she'll be thankful.
- Creativity and sweetness will take you a long way, traditionals are expected, creativity will earn you one mean sex session.
- Little things go a long way. I had a complete stranger tell me today, "Happy Valentine's Day, beautiful". That made it complete enough for me!
- If you can't give her a lot, I once had an ex-boyfriend run me a bath and made me dinner. Simplicity is just as lovely as a pricey dinner date. Be thoughtful!

And if you're alone on Valentine's Day, don't fret! Tomorrow all the chocolate you could imagine will be 50% off..! What could be better?! :) It might be the lamest holiday on the planet, so fuck a day. Love yourself, every day! That's who matters most.

Let's go get em! A million Xo's to all my readers and my favorites. You know who the fuck you are. Love is love! Botch loves you!


Nadja said...


syntifik said...

<33 Happy Valentine's Day!

Nadja said...

Thank you! Hope you had a good one as well ;)

syntifik said...

mine sucked at first to be honest, but today is actually a really good day! so! it evens out.

Nadja said...

Everyday can be Valentine's Day! Enjoy the rest of today! I'm going to bed :))