Friday, February 17, 2012


Yesterday my girlfriends and I held a swap party. What is a swap party?! Every person attending brings clothes/jewellery/purses/things they don't want anymore. Everything is piled and you take turns picking things that catch your eye. It's basically like donating your closet, and getting a brand new wardrobe. Set it up! It's fun. We added a few bottles of champagne, wine, smoke and some pizza.. Free shopping, good friends and good times?! All about it! There was seven of us total.

Anyway, after finishing a bottle of wine I was really haggered. Getting home at 4 am, sleeping three hours and then heading to work was my Friday. Now that I'm off work and done running around the city, it's time for some not-so-deserved lazy time. This week sucked, I'm so over it. I just want to throw it all into a bottle of beer. AND IT'S A LONG WEEKEND. HELLO WEEKEND, you're always appreciated! Let's fucking get it! Long hair, don't care. DON'T CARE!